Haiti 2012 Adventure Blog #1

I’m being lent out by SOUL and my mother once again for another adventure. As it says in my bio, I play for the Haiti Women’s National team. I started playing with them in May of 2010. Since then, I’ve learned so many life changing things from my teammates. I’ll start with the obvious: I’m blessed. I’m blessed to live in a place where there’s a Starbucks on every corner at a stop light, where I was given an opportunity to go to college, and where I have food and clean water at my disposal every single day. I don’t wake up thinking about how I will get clean water or if I can afford it, it’s simply in my faucet. I’m not worried if my electricity will go out at any moment, I simply flip on the switch and assume it will work.  I’m blessed.

I have been lucky enough to get a chance to go to Haiti to train with my team.  Since I joined, this is the first time that they held their training camp at home in Haiti. It has been a crazy past week preparing to go. I get to see my team, how they live on a day to day basis. Here’s the best part. We are training for the Olympic Qualifiers in Vancouver, Canada in a couple days. If we win enough games, we will be going to the 2012 Olympics in London this summer.  I should’ve been ecstatic from the beginning when I was asked to come to Haiti, but somehow I let worry overtake me. If you’ve read the blog about my first professional team in the States, you would remember me saying that overcoming my fears in the past has gotten me where I am today. The things that have nearly paralyzed me  with fear have turned out to be the best moments of my life when I fought that fear.  So why should this be any different? I had no choice but to pack a bag and follow that fear right into another life changing experience….then leave that fear on the plane and have an amazing time with my team. Am I still a bit nervous? Yes. Will I let that keep me from leaving to train with my team, head to Canada and get into the Olympics?? Never.

So, here’s to another adventure where I know it’s going to rock because everything worth doing can make us a little nervous at first. The best part is, if you ignore that fear and take a leap, it’s always worth it in the end.

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