Haiti 2012 Adventure Blog #10

Teammates are a luxury I try not to take for granted. Have you ever had one of those days you can’t seem to stay positive? Maybe you woke up late and your whole day started in a panic. Maybe you went to start your car after shopping at the mall to find out you left your inside lights on and your battery is dead. Or maybe a friend or family member is in the hospital and you can’t stop thinking about them. Sometimes we have those days where things just aren’t sitting right, where we need outside help to remind us it’s all going to be ok.

I’ve spoken in these blogs about how I was sent to this team to try and make a few gals giggle. I was sent to help the coach breathe life back into these girls. Meanwhile, as I’ve sat here and told you how I’ve helped make them laugh, regardless if at or with me, these girls have been changing me. Today was one of those days for me like the ones I describe above. If you missed the game, you would’ve missed some pretty bad hits where people got seriously hurt. One of those people was the goal keeper I mentioned in a previous blog. The one who reminded us we are lucky to be here. The one who makes us feel like, no matter what goes on, she’s got our back. She was injured pretty bad. And worst of all, it happened in a collision with me. I was devastated.

While I was playing the “woe is me” game, hanging my head all day, I was missing something so amazing. My team was reuniting. My team was finding their spirit and I can see they aren’t seeing last night as a defeat anymore. Honestly, they aren’t seeing last night at all. They’re looking at tomorrow. The opportunity we still have. And on the bus to practice, it wasn’t me lifting them up, it was them lifting me up. The dancing is back. The singing is back. My team is back. Like I said, teammates are a luxury I’m learning never to take for granted. We aren’t done showing what we’ve got. Hope Costa Rica is ready!

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