LIF 2017 Game 14 Away and Mean

The Stockholm drive. It was my first experience with an away game with this team and the first time, it worried me. Taking such a long drive took a lot out of us that first day. And then we did it again and same thing. We had trouble finding an away game groove. Then we did. Oh boy we did. And now, as we traveled the familiar few hours to face Taby, we were ready. So ready. 

That field brings back a lot of memories for me. A few years ago, my team made program history on that field. We had never beaten Taby at home before and we beat them, and by a lot. So as I drove up to that field again, I had nothing but good memories. Happy memories. But I was nervous. I don’t often get too nervous for games, but I had a weird week of training where I felt like I lost my mojo. It felt like my body couldn’t do what my brain was asking it to. 

When I started warm up, it got worse. I was a ball of stress. But, my team, I gotta tell you…is amazing. I say it a lot but it’s only because it keeps being proven to be the absolute truth. We take challenges, we make them successes. We work hard for each other. We support each other. And it results in goals like our first one in this game. We won the ball, one of my favorites passed a ball to me, I passed it to Vicke, who had made the world’s best run, and boom. Goal. 

And another came in the form of more magic from the one and only Matilda. She just does the damn thing. Dribbled around and through players and finished with a beautiful goal. The third goal was the touch of her magic as well from a short corner crossed in that Frida finished with her head. I’m pretty sure it touched one of my curls on the way in, but I graciously have it to Frida. And the final goal was from me and was assisted by my partner in crime, Karin. 

We have scored 16 goals in three games. That’s insanity! I feel like it’s a dream! Dream team to be exact. I get so excited to play with this team every weekend. And when I was feeling horrible, getting down on myself, my team was there for me. They encouraged me and gave me confidence. After playing so many years in this game, I’m still growing and aiming to get better every time I’m on the pitch. I’m hard on myself, but having a team like this supporting me makes all the difference. 

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