LIF 2017 Game 21: Close Call

So when you come into a game you know you need points from, it can be quite a whirlwind of emotions. I had been a little injured in training and woke up worried about my knee. Not a fun feeling on GAMEDAY. But I knew we needed points. I knew we needed to step up and fight. And boy was it a battle.
The whistle blew and we were off. We started with the ball and we played it back and my


outside back played a lofted ball toward me. I got a touch on it and it went straight into the path of Vicke. In that moment, I knew I was gonna have a good game. I was a forward all alone but I felt like I always had players fighting with me. It was the kind of game that everyone on the pitch needed to show up to. And we did. But then they got a free kick pretty damn close to the goal. We’ve told this girl on the other team was a “free kick specialist.” Unfortunately, the rumors were true. She hit the ball so hard and so accurately that I almost clapped when it went in. And it did go in. Leaving ya down a goal once again.

This might have been the first time that we went into half time down a goal all season. Like, never happened in the 20 games prior. That’s crazy. But it’s also a tough time to test those waters. But we had so much faith that we would comeback it was surprising. We always say at half time that the time works for us. It’s such a necessary view point and one that has served us well. We are patient. We are confident that we can score in the final moments of games. We trust each other.
And that’s just what happened. A throw in from Vicke to me, I turned my player and sent a blind cross toward the goal in hopes someone was there. And who better to be there than my surrogate little sister Matilda. She got a baby toe on it and scored! Comeback kids at it again. The game ended 1-1. Meaning that we were now only ONE point ahead of the team right under us with one very important game left.
Everyone kept saying that our fate was in our own hands. And it couldn’t have been more true. We set ourselves up for a tougher match than necessary, but we were so excited for the challenge. How awesome of a feeling to be a part of a team who gets excited about a challenge. We do not back away. We do not take any moment for granted and we do NOT give up. I can’t wait for the game. I want to play it now!

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