Ljusdals IF 2017

I’ve just had my first week in Ljusdal, Sweden with my new team. It’s hard to explain, but I do feel that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. That’s saying a lot because it has been a while since that feeling has been this strong in my life. There have been so many things that have lead to this feeling, and most of them were not all that pleasant.
Last year was insanely trying for me. I should say that it was actually trying for my whole family. There have been rough times for my family, but last year was something very different. Our values were tested. Our faith was tested. Our bond was tested. The best part about last year was seeing how far my family can bend without breaking.
For me, my whole life collapsed last year. At times, my heart felt broken. I didn’t think that I would ever feel normal again. I didn’t think I would want to play the game that has been a part of my life for 25 years. My identity and personality was gone. Then I did something I was not very used to. I leaned into my family and trusted they would be there. And boy were they. So how does this relate to my new adventure in Sweden? I’ll tell ya. Right now, I wake up happy. I am able to play. I have a team who has been so welcoming I feel sometimes it isn’t real. And I don’t feel I deserve all of this. I know that I worked hard, I know that good times come after as much bad as I had last year, but yet, I’m still in disbelief that I’m here.
Sweden has always been my safe place. It’s been a place where I feel healthy and happy. I knew I needed to be in this place after last year. But to hope and pray for something and it happen, and happen in such a way that is happening right now, is beyond fulfilling.
So I encourage you to not just dream big, but to have the confidence to ask and go after the exact thing you want. Drive is a powerful tool. Use it.
It’s 2017, there are no limits.
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