Ljusdals IF ’17 Game 8 Not as Great

If we had no problems at all, I would be shocked. This next game was a representation of how much of a target we are now that we are in first place. This team we played is again, towards the bottom of the table. We should beat them right? It should be an “easy win.” Sigh. Those are the most dangerous.
We most certainly did not come out to this match with big heads and egos. We always approach every game as if we are playing the best team in the league. We want to respect that soccer can flip the script on you at any moment. We appreciate that because it has worked to our advantage a time or two this season.
It was our first game outside on our awesome grass field. We were all pumped. But it. was. rough. We weren’t used to it and nothing we tried was working. The other team played with five defenders and it just throws your brain off as an attacker. All the spaces you are used to finding aren’t there. The angles that always work just don’t. They were a tough opponent and made us work. But, the sign of a good team is finding a way to succeed, even when everything is going wrong.
Thanks to our outside back, and one of my favorite Swedish people, Amanda (Hagrid), we did just that. She put a goal in when we needed it the most and hanged the game for us. We came away with a 1-0 win and a lot to think about. Something wasn’t working. There was a negative vibe in the match and we had to fix it. And fast!
But what an amazing thing. We weren’t our best. We weren’t vibing. Nothing was working. But we found a way to win. To get through it. As in life, PUSH through it (pray until something happens)!

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